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Reducing your carbon emissions

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Greening the Site - Watch This Space!Offset your carbon emissions

You might be wondering why anyone would think motorcycling would be particularly low carbon...and you would be isn’t.

However bikes can contribute to our overall reduction in the amount of carbon we emit.  For example as an alternative to taking the car to work, or to that flight to a Spanish beach, a week touring the Borders on the ol’ bike is a much lower carbon option, (if slightly damper..).

For those of us who enjoy riding two wheeled internal combustion engines for recreation, then a low carbon story is just not going to wash.  However the information below sets out some simple advice on riding that can help to reduce your impacts.

You can make a difference to your overall personal carbon emissions by taking climate change seriously, looking long and hard at your lifestyle emissions, and making a commitment to change even some small things in your life.

But remember, if everyone does a little then we will only achieve a little....

After you have made those decisions then what you can’t reduce you can offset.  But remember offsetting your carbon emissions is not a pay-off for business as usual.

The people listed below can help provide some direction and support of carbon offsetting.

And finally, ambulances and hospitals are particularly high carbon emitters, so above all ride safe!

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