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Route 15 Motorcycle Route

The first bit of Route 15 has you shadowing the Motorway, and although it doesn’t sound that exciting it’s a very nice biking road with timely straights and sweeping bends to get you in the mood.

Once past Carlisle you have some lovely scenery all the way to Hartside Café where the views are just breathtaking. If you time it right it feels like your sitting on top of the clouds. An absolute biker haven!

Onwards and upwards through Northumberland National forest and along Kielder Dam (Northern Europe’s largest man made dam). The route in from there has you feeling like you’re really in the wilderness with a mixture of barren grasslands, rolling hills and the odd forest and farm.

Route 15 is a ride starting with a whoop and ending in an aaaah!

Approximate Distance: 195 miles (315 km)
Approximate Duration: 5 hours 43 minutes

Filling Stations on Route

A really enjoyable route that would need a refuelling stop. The first half of the trip has filling stations in abundance but if you feel you have less than 70 miles in the tank I would have a quick top up in Hexham to have a worry free second half via Kielder Dam.

Things To Do & See On The Route

Hartside Cafe – This is a bikers haven with many a brethren having a pitstop here. The views if you hit it right are breathtaking. You really do feel like you’re on top of the world.

Kielder Dam – It’s the largest artificial lake in the United Kingdom by capacity and it is surrounded by Kielder Forest, the largest man-made woodland in Europe.

Watch Out For

Farm muck on the roads but very seasonal and the ever present sheep. There is a 180 degree bend on the route just after the little village of Melmerby going towards Alston on the A686, don’t let it catch you out.


Weather Watch

Latest details on the weather for this route.  The weather can change dramatically so please take care to check before setting off.

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