Scotland easily ranks among the finest countries in the world to ride a motorcycle around.  Miles and miles and miles of beautiful unspoiled countryside, jam-packed full of lochs, rivers, glens, mountains, valleys and more.  From stunning backdrops to twisting mountain passes, cliff-top hugging coastal routes to singletrack trails through thick, dense forests – Scotland has everything a travelling biker could possibly ever want covered, and then some.

In fact, the only thing Scotland’s roads don’t have (other than a few easily identified cities) is in abundance of traffic…

If you’re thinking about exploring Scotland by motorcycle, congratulations, you’re at the web’s leading biking resource with a collection of fantastic biking routes, incorporating amazing scenery of lochs, the coast, forests and hills, quiet roads and a whole host of biker friendly places to stay and visit all tried and tested by local bikers.

Motorcycle Scotland – It’s all about the journey!

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