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FREE Emergency First Aid Course – Biker Down Scotland

  Motorcycle Scotland loves any project or concept that aims to improve riding skills and safety. Motorcycling is a great vocation, and one we all want to keep doing as long as we can. BIKER DOWN is one of those fantastic concepts put together by people who are on the front lines and truly care about you […]

MARTYS – Promoting Motorcycle Safety

  Sadly and quite often it’s a tragedy that makes us stop, open our eyes and pay attention. We all absolutely love motorcycling with a passion, it’s a bond we all share! But … it does come with risks and with that responsibilities to ourselves, family and loved ones. At Motorcycle Scotland we will support any cause or […]

Global Adventures Connect – for those with itchy feet!

  I have always been impressed with the adventurous spirit of motorcyclists in general. More often than not when you get past the mandatory ooo’ing and aaah’ing over each others bikes you find that most bikers have such intriguing hobbies and passions. No more so than the bunch at Global Adventures Connect. I struck up a conversation with […]

Reduce your motorcycling carbon emissions

You might be wondering why anyone would think motorcycling would be particularly low carbon…and you would be right…it isn’t. However bikes can contribute to our overall reduction in the amount of carbon we emit. For example as an alternative to taking the car to work, or to that flight to a Spanish beach, a week […]