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Do you run a bike friendly Hotel, B&B or Campsite?
Do you own a Café, Restaurant or Take-Away?
Do have a Motorcycle Shop or sell Scottish Produce?

What do you Get for a years listing?

Motorcycle Scotland ( is currently attracting over 6000 unique users a month. Our Facebook Group has over 4800 and our Twitter at 1510. All of these figures are growing exponentially as we further our reach. These are not just any random generic internet browsers, these are all passionate motorcyclists who are coming to Scotland for one reason, to travel on their motorcycles because they love it!  When they are here they will be looking for; places to stay, places to eat, places to ride, things to see and do. For a years listing you can be an icon on our maps and become a potential via point or destination for these adventurers. We have created the maps so that when a user wishes to travel to and clicks on a specific region the map is zoomed in on that area … but as an a added bonus, when you purchase a listing your icon will be placed in all the regions (just in case he zooms out and finds you!).

An Icon consists of:

Motorcycle Scotland Listing Image

(Note: Please be aware that an icon is placed on the map using your post code therefore use a post code that is relevant to your geographical position)

You will also benefit from the many marketing activities that Motorcycle Scotland partakes in including our active Facebook Group Page (View Here).

Our Prices

It costs £83 (ex VAT) a year to put your business in front of one of Scotland’s most passionate audiences. That’s one tenth the cost of a small newspaper and/or magazine hardcopy advert and the best of it you are visible for a year, not just a print run. These motorcyclists are passionate and are looking for information through our website.

To get listed, simply complete the form opposite with your business’s name, address, contact details, region and type then pay via our secure online checkout.  Our pricing structure is kept simple by design: £99.60 inc VAT for each category that you’d like your business to appear in.


(All listings are manually confirmed, so please allow 3-5 days for your listing to appear on our website. Don’t worry, your listing is valid for 12 months from the date it’s published.)

Why only £83 (ex VAT)?

Motorcycle Scotland was borne from an accommodation provider which is owned and run by passionate motorcyclists. We understand the budgets of the accommodation industry and we understand the needs and requirements of the motorcyclists. We want to bring these two together.

Payment Terms (Please read)

Notwithstanding any payment made or not yet made:

  1. The purchase of this advertising is completed from the time of the advert  going live on the website.
  2. You or your company will be entitled to a full 100% refund cancellation policy if exercised within 14 days of the advert going live on the website.
  3. No cancellation or part thereof will be entertained after the 14 day grace period.

For any queries please contact us.

or call us on 01683 263798

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