Safety Camera Partnership

Motorcycle Scotland and Scottish Safety Camera Partnership want you to come, explore and enjoy our roads but we want you to do this safely.

The Safety Camera Partnership in the region is committed to reducing road casualties through education, encouragement and enforcement.

Scotland is full of interesting places with interesting roads that have unexpected bends and dips. Please carry out the essential checks prior to riding.

Pay particular attention to the following:

Tyres pressures should be adjusted, as recommend by manufactures, for passenger or load carrying.

Rider Safety

As with any activity, to be proficient you need to respect that preparation is essential. The human brain performs tasks most efficiently when they are practiced – human expectations most often fall short of actual ability.

The Bike

You should remember that brake fluid has a life span and it is recommended that the fluid is changed on a frequent basis. If you are not mechanically minded this job is best done at a dealership. Tyre condition is of prime importance. If a machine is not in regular use the tyres deteriorate at an alarming rate and remember cracks in the tyre walls will render a tyre useless.

A full service at the start of the season should sort any small problems before they become big problems.

If you have any doubts in this area please seek advice from a main dealer or tyre supplier.

Your Equipment

Check your safety equipment thoroughly before using it. Pay particular attention to helmet webbing and scratched visors. Damaged helmets or helmets with worn webbing or straps must be replaced. Your helmet is without doubt your most important piece of equipment. It is essential to look after it. Scratched visors affect your vision when riding especially at night or in wet weather. They can usually be replaced for a few pounds and this is money well spent.

If you have protective motorcycle clothing – wear it even if your intended journey is only short.

Incidents can and very often do happen close to a journeys start or end.

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