Approximate Duration:

4 Hours 23 Minutes

Approximate Distance:

169 miles (272 km)

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South West Scotland

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Route at a Glance

A full days ride starting in the rolling hills of the motorcycling and classic car hub town of Moffat. This route gets going right from the starting blocks. Heading North up the service road you turn into the Dalveen Pass, right up there with some of the best biking roads for both riding and scenery in Scotland. Be warned – this road is addictive and engineered for biking! A short stretch on the A76 which is crammed with some great bends gets you to Mennock Pass where you have the pleasure of going through two of the highest inhabited villages in Scotland ( Yup – this is the Lowlands) and then back South West on the more rambling Crawick Pass. Going right past the Crawick Multiverse!

Moving on in a Westerly direction across the edge of the South Kyle forest area on the now cracking B741 into Dalmellington and to New Galloway on a great road through the forest for a well-earned cup of tea and a cake. Watered and fed you continue the journey down the length of Loch Ken to the coast going through the popular Colvend and Sandyhills to New Abbey. The route is designed for a comfortable easy but no less lovely ride back to Moffat avoiding Dumfries Town Centre by using the bypass.

PRO TIP – All three passes running through the Lowther Hills are simply stunning. You will be sorely tempted to go like the clappers as you can see far ahead, particularly the Dalveen Pass. Be alert for sheep and bends that can arrive on your front wheel with speed.Wanlockhead and Leadhills being the highest inhabited villages in Scotland. The fact that there are two villages nearly 500 metres up in a desolate hillside in the Southern Uplands of Scotland requires some explanation: because of the rich variety of minerals to be found here, this area became known as “God’s Treasure House in Scotland”. Notably, it has produced some of the world’s purest gold (22.8 carats) which was used in the manufacture of the Scottish Crown Jewels – dating from the 15th and 16th centuries. The name “Leadhills” testifies to the fact that this area was chiefly known for its lead mining; and there is a Lead Mining Museum in Wanlockhead.

PRO TIP – The entire route is full of photographic opportunities. Just be aware and take them as you see them.

PRO TIP – Moffat – The biking heart of the region. Routes go shooting out of Moffat to the North, South, East or West. This is a quaint picturesque motorcycle friendly market town, with the renowned Moffat toffee shop and the motorcycle iconic Buccleuch Arms Hotel to name just a few.

PRO TIP – New Galloway is a good time for a break and a great place for tea and cake. The Smithy will hit every spot and serve you well.

PRO TIP – The area around New Galloway and along Loch Ken forms part of the Galloway Kite trail so you will see them in abundance all year long.

PRO TIPCrawick Multiverse is a land art project by the landscape architect and designer Charles Jencks. It is situated near Sanquhar. This is a truly spectacular artland, visitor attraction and events venue. Transforming a former open cast coal mine into an outdoor space that can be enjoyed by future generations’ .This is Big, Bold and simply awesome! A must visit and it is right on the route.

PRO TIP – You will find photo opportunities right from the start and everywhere along the way. You will find Glens, Cleuchs and Valleys. You will see people panning for real gold on warm days. You will find many miles of rolling hills and meandering rivers. You will not find much traffic but you will find open spaces and be able to taste the feeling of being one with your motorcycle. This is a cracking route which is a comfortable full day’s ride with still time to take photos, lunch and tea without being pressured.

Route Notes & Highlights

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Filling Stations on Route

Make sure you fill up before leaving Moffat, 170 miles might be a push for the smaller tanks. There are a couple of fuel stations on route if required. Castle Douglas is just over half way round but you also have a number of choices in Dumfries (the capital of the region).

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