Approximate Duration:

5 Hours 21 Minutes

Approximate Distance:

184 miles (296 km)

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The Flipside

North West Scotland

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Route at a Glance

If you have even slight problems with agoraphobia (fear of wide open places) then heed this advice. (In the nicest possible way) – stay away! On the other hand if you really want to get away from it all (and we mean all) then do not waste another day. This is the place for you.

The route covers the extreme North West of Scotland. Can you say you have “DONE” Scotland if you have not done this NW corner? This route is my favourite route in Scotland – but then I want to get away. I want to be on another planet. I want to be on the Flip Side. Make sure you have fuel at every opportunity. Do not depend on getting fuel on Sundays and evenings. If your tank is three quarters full – fill it. Follow this rule and you will be fine.

Be prepared to not see any cars for hours on end. Enjoy the very many beautiful beaches.

PRO TIP – Roads like the A838 (running alongside Allt Ceann Locha and Loch Shin) and the A837 both dissect this route. They are both fantastic roads in their own right. If you can make the time – add to the journey and ride them. You will finish this route and will feel amazed that this little Island that we live on has such huge and vast open spaces.

Route Notes & Highlights

(Icons on the map)

  • A838 – Point over bridge option for those who want to shorten the journey or are apprehensive about a single track around the inlet.
  • Smoo Cave – A fantastic cave set into the limestone cliffs. A visitor attraction with car park, toilets, stairs and walkways. In summer you can get a boat to the inner chamber.
  • Cocoa Mountain – Who doesn’t like a Cafe and Chocolaterie? It overlooks Loch Croispol, teaming with trout and home to otters, and has views towards majestic peaks such as Arkle and Fionaven to the south, and westwards toward Cape Wrath.
  • Ullapool – In this region it seems all roads point to Ullapool and it has become a bikers magnet.


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Filling Stations on Route

Get fuel at every opportunity. Fuel in Tongue and Durness but worth checking opening hours before hand.

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