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A701 - Devil's Beeftub

A local jewel in the crown and one of Dumfries & Galloway’s absolute finest motorcycling roads.

The A701, or the 'Devil’s Beeftub' as it’s locally known, runs between the biker hub town of Moffat up to the South side of Edinburgh (eventually joining the Edinburgh Bypass at Straiton Junction, near IKEA), however the very best stretch finishes up in the small village of Broughton.

Sweeping bend after sweeping bend, stunning view after stunning view - it just doesn't stop from the second you leave Moffat until the moment you arrive in Broughton.

There are loads of options to see more at several points on this run. You can either turn off at Broughton and head back down the A702 via Biggar, carry on North towards Edinburgh and beyond, or cut through the hills over the stunning Talla water and join the A708 St Mary's Loch road.

The name Devil's Beeftub refers to the cavernous hollow in the hills just North of Moffat, where the infmaous Border Reivers kept their stolen cattle in days gone by.

Approximate Distance
(A701 Moffat to Broughton):
24 miles (39 km)
Approximate Duration: 40 minutes

Filling Stations on Route

You'll find fueling stations at each end, i.e. Moffat and Broughton.

Route At A Glance

One of Scotland's finest and most famous motorcycling roads. Every motorcyclist owes it to themself to ride the 'Beeftub' at some stage in their lives.

Watch Out For

There are a few tight turns, but probably the main danger on this road will be keeping your eyes off the gorgeous scenery and focusing on the road - enjoy!


Weather Watch

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